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Recent News
Friday, August 06
· Concealed carry supporter glad to see clarification appear in Athens News (0)
· Wilmington Law Director: Maybe they'll sue Toledo instead of us (0)
Thursday, August 05
· Councilman Polensek has ''long been a leader in pushing...[Cleveland] gun laws (0)
· Letter to the Editor: Gun lists pose danger (0)
· More poor behavior by northeast Ohio gun grabbers (0)
Wednesday, August 04
· The PD editor and gun nuts play a strange game of chicken (0)
· Clyde City Manager: We know better than AG Petro and other cities' officials (0)
· Days after Plain Dealer ''outing''; CHL-holder Bill Singleton is dead (0)
Tuesday, August 03
· FLASH: CHL-holder killed; suspect critically wounded in robbery (0)
· FOP Should Now Endorse National CCW For Private Citizens, Says CCKRB (0)
· Letter to the Editor: Not buying editor's story (0)
Monday, August 02
· Another Clinton Gun Ban Failure (0)
· Officials stick to their ... er, guns (0)
· Attorney: Witnesses located in road-rage case (0)
Friday, July 30
· One more down: Arcanum's gun ban changed after scrutiny (0)
· Clifton: Why we printed the list (0)
Thursday, July 29
· PD Editor: Calls to my home ''tapering off'' (0)
· Cleveland Editor Takes Heat for Publishing Gun List (0)
Wednesday, July 28
· Tony Gordon Fund moved from bank on Do Not Patronize While Armed list (0)
· Cleveland Plain Dealer fulfills promise to violate privacy of CHL-holders (0)
· Editorial: Smoke clears on hidden-gun myth (0)
Tuesday, July 27
· Letter to the Editor: Kerry’s image belies his support of gun bill (0)
· State senator gets promotion from Guard, faces call-up (0)
· Police, gun-rights supporters watch local case with interest (0)
· Plain Dealer editorialists find Ohioans they DON'T want to disarm (0)
· Anti-CCW Ohio Mayor gets cudos at DNC Convention (0)
Monday, July 26
· Franklin Co. Resident Files Merit Brief with Ohio Supreme Court (0)
· Letter to the Editor: Coalition tries to deny citizens their rights (0)
· Op-Ed: Risk or Fear? (0)
Sunday, July 25
· Dairy Queen employee stabbed (0)
Saturday, July 24
· Victim zone prohibitions fail to stop Ohio shootings (0)
· Road rage against Ohio CHL-holder under investigation (0)
· Attacked in workplace parking lot (0)
Thursday, July 22
· Another ''no-guns'' First Merit robbery; Branch once held OFCC's accounts (0)
· Ashland's Harris expected to become Ohio Senate president (0)
· Police fight for exception to gun limits off duty (0)
Wednesday, July 21
· Workplace Violence: What No-Guns Signs or Policies Will NEVER Prevent (0)
· Virginia Open Carry Still Making Waves (0)
· Op-Ed: It’s Time For Some Gun-Rich Zones (0)
· ''Quiet Revolution'' (0)
· Harris, Gardner mum on who will be Senate president (0)
· 86-year-old scares off teen thief (0)
Tuesday, July 20
· Letter to Mall management (0)
· Man robs ''gun-free'' bank in Dayton high-rise (0)
· Ohio Auto Dealers Association Board Chairman reaffirms OADA neutrality on CCW (0)
· Democrat Senate hopeful Terry Anderson has not voted in nearly four years (0)
· Petro: Off-duty officers must obey ''plain sight'' requirements; certain others (0)
· AGAIN: Elyria Chronicle Telegram publishes list of CHL-holders (0)
· Montgomery County Concealed Carry Case Dismissed (0)

Past Surveys
· Does the Ohio Newspaper Association recommend members publish CHL-holders because they... (Results - 514 votes)
· If a state official asks for your "name, date of birth & county of residence", do you provide your: (Results - 756 votes)
· Are you pleased with the job your sheriff is doing implementing Ohio's CHL law? (Results - 541 votes)
· Will you donate to OFCC PAC to help defend Right to Carry in court? (Results - 95 votes)
· How fast will you apply for your Ohio CCW license? (Results - 2251 votes)
· Who should Bob Taft listen to when making his veto decision? (Results - 279 votes)
· If the public records issue is made to Taft's liking, will he: (Results - 745 votes)
· Do you plan to "open carry" regularly, per Supreme Court ruling? (Results - 429 votes)
· Who is most to blame for the delay on House Bill 12? (Results - 718 votes)
· Do children deserve the same self-defense protections as adults? (Results - 751 votes)
· Should businesses be allowed to ban firearms from your private vehicle in their parking lot? (Results - 940 votes)
· Justice Pfeifer suggests more don't 'open carry' because of social concerns. (Results - 1177 votes)
· Will you shop a business that bans CCW? (Results - 1380 votes)
· Should the General Assembly ban CCW in vehicles to appease Taft & the Highway Patrol? (Results - 1038 votes)
· How many Ohio judges (total) will find the CCW ban unconstitutional before legislators act? (Results - 425 votes)
· Would the Gen. Assembly's failure to pass CCW in '03 effect your vote in '04? (Results - 1277 votes)
· Does CCW Reform Deserve to be a 2003 Legislative Priority? (Results - 980 votes)
· Should the General Assembly consider Taft when drafting a new CCW bill? (Results - 204 votes)
· Who is responsible for failing to pass CCW Reform? (Results - 513 votes)
· Should Speaker Householder reconvene for a vote on Sub. HB274? (Results - 313 votes)
· Should the Senate compromise with the FOP on amending HB274? (Results - 446 votes)
· Have negative ads influenced your voting decision in the Supreme Court race? (Results - 104 votes)
· Whose Conceal Carry Reform spin is less convincing? (Results - 160 votes)
· After pro-gun votes hurt Gore, national anti-gunners are hiding their true agenda. Why not in Ohio? (Results - 177 votes)
· Does knowing which candidates are funded by anti-CCW special interests help you decide how to vote? (Results - 239 votes)
· Given the latest poll, showing just an 8 pt. lead, will Taft consider an eleventh hour deal on CCW? (Results - 307 votes)

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