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Recent News
Tuesday, August 31
· Taft doesn't quite make it to prime time (0)
· Ohio CHL: ''Do what's right, rather than what's easy'' (0)
· 2 frantic calls about stabbing in progress; ''protection'' comes too late (0)
Monday, August 30
· NO SSN: Hamilton Co. CHL applicant obtains license in 8 days (0)
· NRA: DeWine and Voinovich ''out of touch'' with Ohioans (0)
· Op-Ed: Let Americans provide their own security (0)
Sunday, August 29
· Friends don't let Ohio friends carry on a non-resident permit (0)
Saturday, August 28
· Wanted teen breaks park rules/CCW law; shoots self in Columbus park (0)
· Home alone and defenseless, thanks to Akron police (0)
· Letter to the Editor: Clyde, editors should know better (0)
· Letter to the Editor: Change the name of your list (0)
Thursday, August 26
· Evaluation: First 90 days with Ohio's Concealed Carry Law (0)
· Editorial: List of permit holders shouldn't be a secret (0)
· Plans for shooting range move ahead despite noisy minority (0)
· Letter to the Editor: Shooting Blanks (0)
Wednesday, August 25
· Fifth Third customer reveals conundrum facing defenseless victims (0)
· Workplace victim zone: Cincy Kmart shooting leaves 2 dead (0)
· OFCC Picnic Agenda Announced (0)
· Anti-gun judge illegally confiscates CHL-holder's firearm; defendant to appeal (0)
Tuesday, August 24
· Bureau of Workers' Comp snub: OFCC members' concerns ''overblown'' (0)
· VICTIM ZONES: Three Columbus Fifth Thirds robbed in same day (0)
Monday, August 23
· ''No-Guns'' truck stop robbed at knife-point (0)
Thursday, August 19
· UNsafe: OH Workers' Comp bureaucrats advise ''ban'' (0)
· Columbus: Parties pick candidates to run for positions on state Senate (0)
· Op-Ed: Cities should have right to ban guns from parks (0)
· Plain Dealer: Business as usual, even with guns (0)
Wednesday, August 18
· "Mum's the word" from Clyde officials after judge halts ban (0)
· Media exception to privacy protections abused again (0)
· Store owner: ''We're going to have to start carrying guns to protect ourselves'' (0)
Tuesday, August 17
· Op-Ed: Kerry Sharpens Aim on Gun Vote in Red States (0)
· Man shot while mediating dispute (0)
· Middletown Fifth-Third bank latest ''no-guns'' business to be robbed (0)
Monday, August 16
· Letter to the Editor: Armed citizens are first line of defense (0)
· 11 yr.-old raped in ''hell''; otherwise known as a ''gun-free'' Toledo city park (0)
Sunday, August 15
· NRA-ILA Names OFCC Volunteer Organization of the Year For 2003 (0)
· List of cities removing illegal signs continues to grow (0)
Saturday, August 14
· Temporary Emergency License system in need of attention (0)
· And they say criminals aren't smart enough to profile their victims... (0)
· Arrests made in ambush and murder of CHL-holder Bill Singleton (0)
Friday, August 13
· Sheriffs find positive new use for CHL equipment (0)
· Clyde is sued over ban on guns in parks (0)
Thursday, August 12
· FLASH: Temporary Restraining Order issued against City of Clyde (0)
· Ohioans For Concealed Carry Sues City of Clyde Over Concealed Handgun Ban (0)
· More than 600 Lucas Co. CHL-holders' names published by Toledo freebie rag (0)
Wednesday, August 11
· More Ohioans use firearms to stop crimes/ protect lives (0)
· Several guns stolen from home (0)
· Letter to the Editor: A more valid examination of Texas gun statistics (0)
Tuesday, August 10
· Double-standard: Privacy a right for everyone but law-abiding gun owners (0)
· Strike Two: Another PD editor tries to justify discriminatory actions (0)
Monday, August 09
· ''Paper Protection'' fails another battered wife (0)


On January 7, 2004, the Ohio General Assembly passed a revised House Bill 12, making concealed carry of handguns legal for any Ohioan who qualifies. The following day Governor Taft signed the Act. The law became effective April 8, 2004.

Ohioans For Concealed Carry, the OFCC PAC, the National Rifle Association, the Second Amendment Foundation and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms have been working for this for many years.


Friends don't let Ohio friends carry on a non-resident permit

Evaluation: First 90 days with Ohio's Concealed Carry Law

NRA-ILA Names OFCC Volunteer Organization of the Year For 2003

OFCC announces major progress in fight to educate business owners

Do Not Patronize While Armed database

''No Guns-No Money'' Cards available here

Sheriffs: How is YOUR elected official doing?
  • Special Prosecutor Appointed to Investigate Release of Protected Records by Shelby County Sheriff
  • Montgomery County Concealed Carry Case Dismissed
  • Ohio Supreme Court to hear lawsuit against Franklin Co. Sheriff Karnes

    AG Petro Explains/Defends New Law:
  • ''Local ordinances [banning CCW] are NOT VALID''
  • Social Security Number on CHL application ''voluntary''
  • OPINION: Off-duty officers must obey ''plain sight'' requirements; certain others
  • Reciprocity Agreements

  • READ THE LAW (An Act: House Bill 12) (.pdf).
  • What Business Owners Need to Know About CCW.
  • Ohio Attorney General's Q & A on Concealed Carry.

  • Application for standard Concealed Handgun License (.pdf)
  • Application for temporary Concealed Handgun License (.pdf)
  • Ohio Concealed Carry Training Publication (.pdf)
  • OAG's "CCW Training Fact Sheet" (.pdf)

  • OFCC PAC announces 2004 Endorsements

    Calls for making legislative improvements to Ohio's new concealed handgun license law started almost the day it was passed. But know this - efforts to "reform the reform" will only be as successful as are efforts to achieve victory in the November elections. We must protect our "veto-proof" majority in the Ohio House, and we must change the makeup of the Ohio Senate, if we are to make improvements to this law anytime before Bob Taft leaves office in 2006.

    Please review the ENDORSEMENTS listed below, keeping in mind that candidate surveys have been submitted to all House and Senate Candidates, and that a few final endorsements are forthcoming:

    Ohio House 2004
    Ohio Senate 2004

    It's time to GET INVOLVED! With your financial contributions and volunteer support, we will be able to ensure that future Ohio general assemblies protect and improve upon Ohio's new concealed carry law.

    Key Races Needing Pro-Conceal Carry Reform Activism

    odibet registration

    Safer parks in Clyde: Order that bars gun ban is extended indefinitely
    CCW in Print
    September 2, 2004
    Fremont News-Messenger

    Unless the City of Clyde requests a hearing, a temporary court restraining order barring enforcement of a ban on legally concealed weapons from public parks will continue indefinitely.

    According to records from Sandusky County Common Pleas Court, Clyde City Solicitor Barry Bova consented in a phone conversation to the extension of the original temporary restraining order imposed by Common Pleas Judge Harry A. Sargeant, Jr. on Aug. 12.

    A court hearing is not required "until and unless one or more of the defendants file a written demand for a hearing," records show.

    Sargeant's action was in response to a motion filed on behalf of Ohioans for Concealed Carry Inc., a Second Amendment advocacy group based in Delaware, Ohio. Such a court action was anticipated since city officials said they would not repeal the ban despite pressure from the advocacy group.

    The Ohio concealed carry law lists places, including public buildings, where concealed weapons may be banned. The law, which came into effect this year, does not list public parks among those places.

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    Letter to the Editor: Clyde, editors should know better

    Op-Ed: Cities should have right to ban guns from parks

    "Mum's the word" from Clyde officials after judge halts ban

    Clyde is sued over ban on guns in parks

    Ohioans For Concealed Carry Sues City of Clyde Over Concealed Handgun Ban

    Posted by cbaus on Thursday, September 02 @ 12:34:25 EDT (30 reads)
    (Read More... | Score: 0)

    FLASH: Shots fired by robber at ''no-guns'' First Merit bank
    Gun Grabbers
    September 2, 2004
    Akron Beacon Journal

    LAKEMORE - Police are investigating the Wednesday robbery of the FirstMerit Bank at 1502 Canton Road.

    Police said that a lone gunman wearing a black ski mask and sunglasses told tellers at 9 a.m. to put money into a bag he had brought with him.

    He fired a shot from a small-caliber semiautomatic pistol at one of the tellers, just missing her, then ran north from the bank to Stinard Avenue, where an older model tan Toyota Camry was waiting for him.

    When two bank customers chased him, he fired shots at them, too, also missing.

    While getting into the car, the dye pack with the money went off and he dropped the bag and money.

    On July 22, following another First Merit robbery in Garfield Heights, a First Merit employee told OFCC:

      "Over and over we are robbed, and one day someone is going to be hurt or killed. But they will not even consider the safety of their employees or their customers. They think and claim that they are, but it never fails - this happens and they are helpless to stop it. This robbery is another perfect example of them being helpless in protecting us, leaving us helpless to do it ourselves."
    "We've tried and tried to tell them - posting signs will not keep out armed criminals, and may even provide them incentive," remarked Jeff Garvas, OFCC President. "When it became clear that bank management was unwilling to put the safety of their patrons ahead of imaginary liability concerns, OFCC began the process of moving our accounts, just as many other Ohioans have moved their business away from businesses who deny their self-defense rights. First Merit is proving to be a very unsafe place to do business."

    Ohio has one of the highest bank robbery rates in the nation. The Ohio Banker's League is distributing instructions on how banks can ban CHL-holders. Did anyone honestly think the bank robbers would honor the signs?

    FirstMerit has been serving Northeastern Ohio for over 155 years, and purchased branches in Western Pennsylvania in the past decade. Pennsylvania has had a concealed carry law since the late 80's, and up until frustrated Ohio customers began pointing out the hypocracy, these stores have never been posted with discriminatory signs.

    Customer Contact Center - 1-888-554-4362
    In the Akron area, please call 330-996-6025.
    (If you would like to hear back from a FirstMerit customer representative, please indicate that in your message.)

    Related Stories:
    Another ''no-guns'' First Merit robbery; Branch once held OFCC's accounts

    Medina victim sues man who robbed her at First Merit ATM

    First Merit: Another armed robbery in ''gun-free'' bank

    FIVE: FirstMerit victim zone robbed again

    Ironic timing for FirstMerit bank to begin posting discriminatory signs

    Posted by cbaus on Thursday, September 02 @ 09:59:17 EDT (27 reads)
    (Read More... | Score: 0)

    Investigation of Shelby Co. Sheriff and Sidney Daily News ongoing
    OFCC News
    Ohioans For Concealed Carry continues to received requests for updates to the investigation of Shelby Co. Sheriff Kevin O'Leary and Jeffrey Billiel, editor of Brown Publishing's Sidney Daily News.

    On June 17, Miami Co. Prosecutor Gary Nasal was appointed special prosecutor by Shelby Co. Court of Common Pleas Judge John D. Schmitt, to look into possible criminal violations by Shelby Co. Sheriff Kevin O'Leary and Sidney Daily News editor Jeffrey Billiel, a Brown Publishing Co. employee.

    Earlier that month, Sheriff O'Leary responded to a public records request from Billiel by releasing the protected, private information about concealed handgun licenseholders. Billiel then published the protected information in the Sidney Daily News.

    Under Ohio law, the release or dissemination of information beyond name, county of residence, and date of birth is considered a felony, and is subject to a $1000 fine, as well as civil action by each of the 87 inviduals who were violated.

    Although little has been revealed publicly since Nasal's appointment, source tell OFCC that the case is still being investigated, and is expected to be presented to a Grand Jury in the near future.

    In the days following the actions of the Sheriff and newspaper editor, at least ten Ohio Concealed Handgun License-holders contacted OFCC for advice on seeking legal recourse for damages related to the release of their private, protected information. These people were referred to Attorney Ken Hanson with the firm of Firestone and Brehm, Ltd., for legal help.

    The special prosecutor is investigating allegations that Sheriff O'Leary "did release or otherwise disseminate records that are confidential under Ohio Revised Code Section 2923.129(B)(1), and against the peace and dignity of the State of Ohio, a fifth degree felony." The investigation is also examining charges that O'Leary committed dereliction of duty and violated the civil rights of the 85 license-holders whose private information was disseminated. Those crimes are misdemeanors of the second and first degree, respectively.

    "When Governor Taft insisted on inserting this loophole at the eleventh hour, it was justified, in part, by adding penalties for violating this same section," said attorney Ken Hanson. "My clients have asked the [Shelby Co.] prosecutor to enforce these protections. This investigation will decide whether violators will be held accountable, or whether Sheriff O'Leary and the Sidney Daily News will be Exhibit A offered with legislation that will be introduced to repeal the media access loophole."

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    Adding Insult to Injury: Sidney Daily News publishes more CHL-holders' names

    BSSA tells O'Leary ''county of residence'' means ''county of residence

    Special Prosecutor Appointed to Investigate Release of Protected Records

    Sidney Daily News and Shelby Co. Sheriff maintain they committed no crimes

    Shelby Co. Sheriff releases CHL-holders' protected, private information to media

    Posted by cbaus on Wednesday, September 01 @ 15:34:42 EDT (49 reads)
    (Read More... | Score: 0)

    Letter to the Editor: Do us a favor, ban the rapists
    CCW in Print
    September 1, 2004
    Port Clinton News Herald

    If cities can guarantee safety in parks, then they can ban guns in the parks

    This is in response to your editorial of Thursday, Aug. 19, in regards to cities having the right to ban guns from parks. Once again the editors of The News-Messenger have demonstrated their bias and complete lack of understanding of anything relevant to what they are writing about.

    You say it is too bad that cities can ban skateboarding, grilling, loitering, walking a dog, being an unlicensed vendor, riding a bike or driving a car and not ban guns. Where in the State or Federal Constitutions are these things declared as guaranteed rights that shall not be infringed?

    You were able to write that article because of your constitutionally protected right to freedom of the press. Using only that very freedom with no evident understanding of the existence of any other rights, you completely fail to realize the nature of the right to keep and bear arms. Thanks for demonstrating your complete ignorance once again.

    How about this: When cities can ban criminals, rapists, molesters, robbers, and attackers from their parks, then they can ban guns. Also keep in mind that the cities will have to guarantee 100 percent that these criminals, rapists, molesters, robbers, and attackers will never show up illegally once the ban is put in place.

    Or better yet, when cities can post the exact time and location of criminal activity in their parks, then the law-abiding citizens can avoid those areas during those times.

    Perhaps you should stick to reporting the facts and the news and stop trying to mislead your readers with your biased opinions.

    John Salyers
    Port Clinton

    EDITOR'S NOTE: In passing the concealed carry law, the state has, in fact, "infringed" on this right by setting aside places such as businesses, bars, churches and public buildings of a municipality where concealed weapons can be prohibited. We believe that list should also include city-owned parks.

    Despite repeated requests, none of the newspaper editors, gun ban advocates, or anti-CCW legislators have provided any proof of the need for city parks to be listed among the victim zones. Note that the editors ignored another opportunity to do so here, by ignoring the entire focus of this well-reasoned letter.

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    Letter to the Editor: Clyde, editors should know better

    Op-Ed: Cities should have right to ban guns from parks

    Posted by cbaus on Wednesday, September 01 @ 12:47:12 EDT (52 reads)
    (Read More... | Score: 5)

    Op-Ed: Pistols and rifles and cans, oh, my!
    National Politics
    August 29, 2004
    The Daily Camera

    by Jon Caldara

    The so-called assault-weapons ban is about to sunset. About time.

    It was one of the goofiest gun laws on the books. It outlawed guns because they look mean � the perfect law for a superficial world.

    The assault-weapons ban was racial profiling for guns.

    Before we start, you should know I used to be like you when it came to firearms. I had a religious-like hatred of guns. In fact, I was a member of the anti-gun organization Handgun Control Inc.

    It was a long slow, conversion for me, spurred by the patient influence of my older brother Paul, who bought a gun. We weren't raised with guns. I thought he was nuts.

    He slowly taught me guns don't have free will. Mean-looking guns are not actually mean. We'd argue back and forth about gun-violence statistics and gun policy. Which just led me to do my own research and reach my own conclusions � guns are not evil, only people are.

    Click on the "Read More..." link below for more.

    Posted by cbaus on Wednesday, September 01 @ 10:44:36 EDT (79 reads)
    (Read More... | 5527 bytes more | Score: 5)



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    Does the Ohio Newspaper Association recommend members publish CHL-holders because they...

    ...believe it will sell more papers?
    ...need to fill space due to lack of advertising?
    ...hope to deter people from obtaining licenses?
    ...honestly believe it is a public service?


    Votes 641

    OFCC, Inc. News
    ·Safer parks in Clyde: Order that bars gun ban is extended indefinitely
    ·FLASH: Shots fired by robber at ''no-guns'' First Merit bank
    ·Investigation of Shelby Co. Sheriff and Sidney Daily News ongoing
    ·Letter to the Editor: Do us a favor, ban the rapists
    ·Op-Ed: Pistols and rifles and cans, oh, my!
    ·Taft doesn't quite make it to prime time
    ·Ohio CHL: ''Do what's right, rather than what's easy''
    ·2 frantic calls about stabbing in progress; ''protection'' comes too late
    ·NO SSN: Hamilton Co. CHL applicant obtains license in 8 days
    ·NRA: DeWine and Voinovich ''out of touch'' with Ohioans


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